My 5 Favorite Postpartum Date Ideas

With a new baby at home, it can be a challenge to come up with date ideas for yourself and your partner. Outings are often shortened or hindered by baby’s nap or feeding schedules, and even when timing is not an issue you may feel uncomfortable leaving your little one in someone else’s care while you’re out. On the flipside, the lack of time spent together as individuals may be taking its toll on the relationship between you and your partner. Investing time into your relationship with one-on-one date nights is something that may be seen as easier said than done, but rest assured that it is totally possible to do. Check out our top five baby-friendly (and possibly even stay-at-home) date nights created just for you!

1. Dessert Date

Find a local restaurant or bakery that creates specialty desserts - visit in person or pick it up for date night at home. Order one of everything that catches your eye, and skip out on dinner. Enjoy these sweet treats with a warm coffee or tea and a heaping spoonful of good conversation. If you’d like to enjoy a special beverage, you might try a sparkling cider, fresh pressed fruit juice, or non-alcoholic wine varieties like this one to make it feel extra romantic.

2. Movie Date

It may not be possible for you to comfortably visit the movie theatre with a new baby in tow, but you don’t have to miss out on the newest titles. Check out your cable company’s current new release listings to order a new flick on demand. If this isn’t an option, try picking out a movie at your local RedBox or on Netflix. Give the microwave a rest, and prepare some popcorn on the stovetop together for fun. Add a few specialty sodas into the mix, and turn the lights down low. Remember to set your phone to silent!

3. Game Night Date

Don’t underestimate the enjoyment that a classic board or card game can bring your way. For game night, prepare a snack tray for two with your favorite finger foods like cheeses, crackers, dips, or even wings. Spread out together on the floor like kids, and go for the best two out of three. Be sure to bring some extra pillows and a blanket - really make a night of it!

4. Outdoor Dining

If the weather is great, try taking to the outdoors for a daytime date with baby in the stroller or carrier. Check out your local botanical gardens or other outdoor city centers. Getting out of the house will feel great - especially if you’ve been indoors for a while with baby. Pack a cooler or basket with homemade specialty sandwiches, fresh fruit, and a chilled dessert. Enjoy an outdoor meal together and take in a bit of fresh air.

5. Self-Care Date

Spend the evening with a little extra relaxation as a couple. Put on your most comfortable clothes, and prepare warm foot baths for each of you to soak away the stress of the day. Hire a mobile massage therapist or manicurist to come and provide their services to you in home. Be sure to have a bottle of sparkling juice or refreshing cucumber water on hand to really up the spa theme.

Dating with a new baby to consider can be hard, but with a little planning and creativity it can certainly be done! Remember that if you need an extra set of hands and eyes to care for your little one, you can always reach out to your postpartum and infant care doula for help. Enjoy!

xo, Chelsea