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Pregnancy & Postpartum

pregnancy & Postpartum for the modern muslimah

Abu Huraira, r.a., reported that a person said to the messenger of allah, s.a.w.s., "Who amongst the people is most deserving of my good treatment?" he, s.a.w.s., said: "your mother," again "Your Mother," again "your mother," then "your Father," then your nearest relatives according to the order of closeness. [Sahih Muslim]

From the moment you conceive your baby, your life shifts in a powerful, transformative way. The mental, emotional, and physical changes experienced during pregnancy and the postpartum period are deserving of the utmost care, respect, and nurturing.

Birth Under Wraps is dedicated to the support and elevation of Muslim women as they transition into motherhood - for the first time or once again - with a focus on comprehensive childbirth education and postpartum wellness. 

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everything you need in the comfort of your home

We're Bringing #AllTheThings pregnancy and postpartum right to you! 


childbirth education

Forget the idea of trekking to your local group class, practicing awkward techniques in a room full of non-mahrams, and worrying over who's eyeballing your hijab. Now you can enjoy the highest quality childbirth education in the comfort of your own home in your yoga pants and a cup of tea! Birth Under Wraps brings the most comprehensive, current and complete childbirth education curriculum - created specifically for the Muslim woman - right to you so you can birth confidently, insha'Allah.

launching in spring 2017

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So much of our culture's attention is focused on pregnancy, birth, and baby. Unfortunately, many times mothers are forgotten about in the mix. Birth Under Wraps provides invaluable and non-judgmental practical, informational, and emotional support to postpartum moms without the fluff. The weeks and months postpartum are the most vulnerable ones that any woman may experience, but you don't have to do it alone. Learn all about caring for your baby, the importance of self care, and more! 

Launching in spring 2017

We've got you on all things postpartum!
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our mission
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

birth under wraps is dedicated to providing current, unbiased, comprehensive childbirth education and unwavering, quality postpartum support to muslim women like you, bi'ithnillah.


launching in spring 2017

Birth Under Wraps Goes Live In The Spring of 2017, insha'Allah!

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Five Items Every Muslim Mom Should Have In Her Birth Bag


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Odds are, you've got questions about your pregnancy, your postpartum health, how to care for your baby, and more - or perhaps you'd just like to make some new mom friends. 

In our private Facebook community, you can connect with other new or expectant Muslim moms just like you! 

Our respectful, supportive group provides a space for you to share and chat freely. Come say salaam and join in on the fun!